The products and services listed on this page are those that I personally use and recommend.

Note: many of the links here are affiliate links.

Hands down, the best web host I've worked with in my 20+ years experience.

Where I host webinars a few times a week, and where I learned WordPress myself.

Themes, plugins and training for a successful in freelance web design business.

The best backup / restore / migration solution for WordPress. I couldn’t work without it.

Pound for pound perhaps the most useful WordPress plugin. It’s a must-use on all my sites.

Rebuild active sites with e-commerce, memberships, etc. and merge changes from dev to live and back.

Makes it easy for even nontechnical users to lock down a WordPress site.

My page builder of choice for WordPress. Makes site creation much easier.

In my opinion, the best set of add-ons for Beaver Builder.

Powerful time-saver for freelancers managing multiple WordPress sites.

An excellent membership investment for a suite of powerful plugins.

Cloud-based spam-free email for all devices, and a nice app suite too. Formerly Google Apps. 

Definitely a site to join for good deals on products and services for web developers.


A clever solution for one of the most common problems web professionals face: getting content from your client.

Excellent video conferencing solution I use for my coaching program and client support.

The best plugin I’ve seen for managing sermons for churches – sorts by series, speaker and topic.

An excellent tool for churches to manage prayer requests via their website.

Well executed plugin for displaying and managing church small groups online.

Manage multiple WordPress websites with ease in a single admin panel.

The go-to WordPress marketplace for an unending variety of plugins.

The best choice for Mac cloud-based backups. Backs up non-Time Machine external drives at no additional cost.