Securing Your WordPress Website with HTTPS


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A 50-page PDF guide written in bullet points for quick reading.

Includes 5 checklists for moving a WordPress website to HTTPS in different circumstances.



What’s Covered in the Ebook?

  • What is SSL?
  • Why SSL is important?
  • How SSL works
  • The types of SSL certificates and which one is best for your site
  • How to create a standard SSL Certificate
  • How to create a Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  • Testing your SSL Certificate
  • How to convert a WordPress site to HTTPS
  • Troubleshooting Mixed Content errors
  • How to change your site to HTTPS in Google Search Console
  • Selling HTTPS as a service to clients

Checklists Included

  1. DIY SSL Installation on a VPS or Dedicated Server
  2. SSL Installation on Shared Hosting
  3. Setting Up Let’s Encrypt on a VPS or Dedicated Server
  4. Converting an Existing WordPress site to HTTPS
  5. Makign Changes in Google Analytics and Search Console