The >ADVANCE Course


We love our work, but we work to make money.
To be successful in business, you have to get this part right.

Being smart with your money is just as important as doing great work for your clients.

In this course, we’ll talk about developing a mindset for success, dialing in your pricing, charging what you're worth, and building recurring revenue.

3 hours of recorded content with printable worksheets to help you create and plan services to build recurring revenue.

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Key Resources

>ADVANCE Services Generator

A brainstorming worksheet to capture opportunities to create value for your clients by providing ongoing services.

>ADVANCE Services

A planning canvas to help you flesh out all the details for the services you want to provide to your clients.


The >ADVANCE Profits course will explain how to fully utilize these tools to create and implement services to build recurring revenue in your business.

Course Content
2.1 - Crisis of Confidence

Session One
Surviving a Crisis of Confidence

34 minutes

At some point, every freelancer has struggled with a crisis of confidence. For some, this ongoing battle has crippled their business. The symptoms of a crisis of confidence are not charging what you're worth, having constant conflicts with worry and doubt, and a lack of satisfaction from your work.

In this session, we will deal with the root of the crisis of confidence and offer some helpful ideas to overcome it.

  • Understanding imposter syndrome
  • Do you have imposter syndrome?
  • What web developer’s imposter syndrome looks like
  • The source of the imposter
  • How to escape the crisis
2.2 - Dialing in Your Pricing

Session Two
Dialing in Your Pricing

30 minutes

Pricing our work is without a doubt one of the single most difficult issues many freelancers face in their businesses. And it’s a critical one. Price too high and you might lose the job. Price too low and you can’t survive.

In this session we will discuss the mindset we all need for successful pricing, some principles for pricing your work, and learning to negotiate with clients on price.

  • Getting your mindset right – it all starts with you.
  • The secret formula for pricing your work
  • How to raise your prices
  • 3 principles of pricing your work
  • Learning to negotiate
2.3 - The Power of Recurring Income

Session Three
The Power of Recurring Income

76 minutes

In this session we will deal with the power of recurring income and its importance to your business. It’s packed with information and is a much deeper dive than other talks I’ve done on the topic.

We’ll cover the mindset of recurring income, how to create, price and sell services for recurring income, the nuts and bolts of creating an effective website care plan, making recurring billing painless, and we’ll wrap up with the difference recurring income can make.

This session could truly transform your business!

  • Why recurring income is critical
  • Establishing a mindset of recurring revenue
  • The benefits of recurring income
  • How to create services for recurring income
  • Elements of an effective WordPress care plan
  • How to price services for recurring income
  • How to sell services for recurring income
  • How to set up your own hosting service for clients (no you don’t have to put servers in your living room)
  • Setting up a WordPress update system
  • Setting up a WordPress backup system
  • Creating client agreements
  • How to make recurring billing painless
  • The difference recurring income can bring
2.4 - Maximizing Freelance Finances

Session Four
Maximizing Freelance Finances

40 minutes

In this session we’ll cover some important facts about finances in your business, some steps to bring stability to your business finances. Then we’ll look at some tools and best practices to make freelance finances easier to manage.

  • Why getting your finances under control is critical to freelance success.
  • Three immutable truths about money
  • A four step plan for getting stability in your business finances
  • How to manage recurring revenue
  • Selecting the right accounting platform
  • 10 best practices for freelance finances.
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