The >ADVANCE Course


Stop being busy and start making progress!

For freelance business owners, our time is money. So integrating habits into our workflow that help us manage time efficiently is critical. This course will provide you with a system to grow your business even while you're busy with client work.

I open the hood on the system I use to manage my busy workflow and walk through the principles and tools I use to stay organized and productive.

Over 100 minutes of recorded content with printable worksheets to help you create and manage meaningful goals that can impact your business.

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Key Resources

Goal Generator

A printable brainstorming tool to help you capture the essential elements of a SMART goal and word it as a powerful statement to motivate you to succeed.

Goal Manager

A printable worksheet that will help you identify and plan the steps to accomplish your goal and move your business forward.


The >ADVANCE Productivity course will explain how to fully utilize these tools to help you become more effective at planning and managing your time.

Course Content
3.1 - Taming the Whirlwind

Session One
Taming the Whirlwind

22 minutes

In the life of most freelance business owners, there is an ongoing battle between strategy and execution.  We struggle with trying to improve our business with better systems and processes in the middle of the chaos of daily activity.

Even in the best circumstances, this is a difficult challenge. In this session, we will discuss a proven method that I use to advance my business in the middle of the whirlwind.

  • The common struggle: strategy vs. execution
  • Understanding the whirlwind
  • The problem with the whirlwind
  • Developing a strategy to deal with the whirlwind
  • Suggestions for success
3.2 - SMART Goals

Session Two
Setting SMART Goals

16 minutes

Without clear goals, it’s hard to whether you’re moving toward success or just staying busy. This session will explain the SMART goals approach to goal setting and walk through two resources that will help you set meaningful goals and keep them on track.

  • (Not So) Smart Goals vs. SMART Goals
  • What is a Smart Goal with examples
  • How to make your goals SMART
  • Using the >ADVANCE Goal Worksheets to set your goals
3.3 - Getting Things Done

Session Three
Getting Things Done

23 minutes

The Getting Things Done system is recognized by leaders worldwide for its effectiveness in improving focus and productivity. In this session, Nathan will explain how he applies the GTD system to a web development business, including the tools and processes he uses to manage his workflow.

  • An overview of the Getting Things Done System
  • Tools to implement Getting Things Done
  • The Getting Things Done process at work in a business day
  • The weekly review
  • How to get started Getting Things Done
3.3.1 - Using Trello to GTD

Session Four
Using Trello to Get Things Done

28 minutes

Trello is one of the most powerful tools around for organizing a collection of lists or visualizing a process. It’s the tool Nathan uses to manage projects and the day to day workflow of his business. In this session, Nathan provides a demo of Trello and shows how he organizes his Trello boards to run his business

  • An overview of Trello and how it works
  • Using Trello as a weekly planner
  • Using Trello track your project funnel
  • Using Trello to manage individual projects
  • 5 practical tips from experience for using Trello effectively
3.3.2 - Trello Weekly Review

Bonus Session
Conducting the Weekly Review in Trello

8 minutes

In this bonus session, I demonstrate how to do a weekly review in Trello by recording the actual process as I do it myself on a Sunday evening. I explain what I’m doing and why to help you through the weekly review process.

3.3.3 - Getting Things Done Evernote

Bonus Session
Using Evernote to Get Things Done

4 minutes

I love Evernote, and I use it extensively in my business and personal life. But as powerful as it is, it can be very difficult to know where to start and how to set up a system of folders that will work for you. In this bonus session, I open up my Evernote structure and explain an organizational structure I believe makes sense for a web development business.

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