Business Development Courses for WordPress Professionals


I love to help WordPress professionals become more successful in their businesses. 

The >ADVANCE Course builds on the most popular talks I've given at WordCamps across the country and globally via webinar.

The information I share is based on more than 20 years of experience owning and operating a web development business. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes and blow up the obstacles in the way of your growth.

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Establishing systems for your business is one of the most important first steps a freelancer can take. Developing a consistent set of tools, processes and checklists for every client, every project, every time is key. This course will give you a blueprint for success includes my proposal template and the contract that I use with clients.

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Being smart with your money is just as important as doing great work for your clients. In this course, we’ll talk about developing a mindset for success, dialing in your pricing, charging what you're worth, and building recurring revenue.

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For freelance business owners, our time is money. So integrating habits into our workflow that help us manage time efficiently is critical. This course will provide you with a system to grow your business even while you're busy with client work.

3 Course Bundle

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Get access to all three courses in The >ADVANCE Course for a discounted price.

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