Business Coaching for WordPress Business Owners

Nathan's >ADVANCE coaching program provides an encouraging environment that motivates and equips WordPress professionals grow their businesses.

If you can you relate... >ADVANCE is for you!
I have terrible clients who walk all over me.
My business is running my life, not the other way around.
I spend way too much time with prospects who never end up hiring me.
My clients have ridiculous expectations that I can’t manage.
I’m virtually giving away my time and services.
I feel like I’m constantly busy but I’m not making any real progress.
I can't take a vacation - it's either a gusher or a drip.
My finances are a wreck. I'm always scrambling to get cash in the bank.
I’m so busy with client work that I can’t ever work on my own business.

Blow up the obstacles
that are holding you back in your freelance business and build a proven process for running a successful web design business.


Grow your confidence
and let go of doubt. If you're frustrated at taking your business to the next level, there's a pathway out of the struggle and into success.


Get advice and wisdom
from someone who has been there, done that himself and helped numerous other web business owners  remove roadblocks to success.


Grow with others
who are working through the same challenges you face. You are not the only one trying to overcome obstacles... don't do it alone!

What Participants are Saying About >ADVANCE


I found >ADVANCE at a time when I felt overwhelmed by my business to the point where I was considering a different line of work. Based on Nathan’s initial input, I decided to instead expand my services and build on what I’d already created rather than changing course so drastically.

Creating a completely new service was very hard, and I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the accountability and feedback I’ve gotten from Nathan and the rest of the coaching group. I would have given up on my new idea without this help. Now I see growth ahead for my business, where a few months ago I only felt frustration.

Debbie Campbell
Red Kite Creative. Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sara Lang

Joining the >ADVANCE Coaching program has turned my business on its head. Before >ADVANCE I was struggling to find new clients, my processes were inefficient and I felt alone and not confident to charge what I was worth.

Nathan’s expertise and skilled coaching helped transform my business into the real deal with ambitious pricing, strategic processes and recurring revenue.

>ADVANCE hooked me into a group of peers that empathized with my struggles, shared their ideas and resources and celebrated my success both big and small. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Nathan’s >ADVANCE Coaching Program is absolutely for you.

Sara Lang
Prestige Digital. Hamilton, Ontario.


After working with Nathan for a year, my business bears no resemblance to what it used to be.

We have increased our revenues, are being contracted by our ideal clients and working on projects that we really enjoy. My business is thriving, my personal productivity has improved and we are altogether more professional.

Most importantly, I am no longer working 18 hour days, 7 days a week. I started 2017 determined to improve my business. I don't believe that any of this would have happened without >ADVANCE.

Dee Harrison
Philobiz Digital Marketing. Poole, UK


The 1:1 coaching with someone as experienced as Nathan, combined with the feedback and accountability of the coaching group, has improved our design process, helped me save time with architecture decisions, and exposed me and my team to knowledge that would have taken many months, if not years, to acquire.

The >ADVANCE process is a must-do for helping me create the business I want for myself, my team, and my customers!

Dave Braun
Pro Website Creators. Orange County, California.

Meet Nathan Ingram

My calling is to help WordPress business owners thrive.

Owning a business allows you to do what you enjoy while offering freedom to invest time in your family and your other priorities. But being a business owner can also be incredibly frustrating without essential business structures in place.

Many business owners are one more bad client or one more bad month away from throwing in the towel. I offer encouragement, perspective, accountability, and systems that can help eliminate common frustrations so your businesses doesn't detract from the more important things in your life.

Join with me and a small group of your peers to work through the issues you’re facing in both group and one-on-one conversations.


How >ADVANCE Works

The Groups

>ADVANCE groups are comprised of three to six freelancers like you along with me as the coach. Participants make an initial three-month commitment to the group. Participation is on a month-to-month basis afterward.

The One-on-Ones

Each month, you and I will have a private video conversation about the challenges you are facing in your business. I will make suggestions, offer some tools that will help you grow, and hold you accountable to the commitments you make.

The Forum

Your group will meet together monthly for an online “Forum.” Each participant shares a challenge that he or she is currently facing and receives suggestions and encouragement from other participants, guided by me as the coach.

As a part of >ADVANCE, I'll ask you to make some commitments...

Time Commitment

  • As a member of an >ADVANCE group, you should be prepared to commit the time necessary to participate in group Forum and one-on-one coaching calls.
  • Scheduled >ADVANCE Forum meetings cannot typically be rescheduled, so it’s critical that you make all meetings a top priority. Your group depends on your input.
  • There may be some reading or business-related exercises that you will be asked to do to help you move forward.

Financial Commitment

$300 / Month with an Initial 3-month Commitment

  • A 3-month commitment is important to maintain the integrity of the groups
  • Cancel anytime with 30-day notice

Questions? Let’s talk.

I’m happy to talk with you about how >ADVANCE can help you in your business.

Ready to >ADVANCE?

Application Process

Complete the form below and I will contact you within one business day to schedule an initial call to talk about whether >ADVANCE is right for you. Participation is by invitation only and subject to space availability in a coaching group.

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